Paperback Rider

What is Paperback Rider?

Paperback Rider is a mobile Little Free Library in La Crosse, Wisconsin. I started it with a few baskets on my bike, but I soon realized that I needed something more. I bought a trailer, then gave my husband the dimensions of the trailer and showed him some photos of what I wanted. He got to work, and built  my portable library.   I had started out with books that we didn't need anymore, then bought some at yard sales and thrift shops.  An amazing local group, Beer By Bike Brigade, shared my Facebook page and the book donations started pouring in.   I met some really cool kids over the summer. Some I would see every week, when I hit their neighborhood  park. From May through October, I handed out 485 books. I plan to hand out even more than that in 2019.   In November of 2018, I started raising money for a custom book bike from Haley Tricycles in Philadelphia. In January, I sent in the down payment and construction has begun. On Feb. 24, 2019, I reached my goal. I can't wait to get to the parks and various events with it this year. To everyone who donated and/or shared, THANK YOU!